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Behavioural Bootcamp

Black Winter K9 Group. Registered German Shepherd, Miniature Schnauzer Breeder & Obedience Trainer

After over 25 years of training experience we believe that consistency is the key to attaining a standard of behaviour that will last a lifetime. We offer intensive training packages that are specially tailored to manage any range of behavioural issues and breeds.

After an initial consultation we will tailor a training package that is personally suited to address the behaviour needing to be managed. This training will evolve over your companions stay with us as he/she progresses through the program until the optimal outcome has been achieved.

Tailored Bootcamp

Two main questions arise when training your dog:

What is your dog not doing that you want him to do?

What is your dog doing that you want him to stop doing?

Owning a dog is a life enriching experience, and just like humans, every dog is unique and different in terms of personality and things they like and don’t like. Many dog owners become discouraged when they realise many dogs are not naturally well behaved and obedient companions that we see on social media or TV however, with Black Winter K9 Group, we make sure your dog is well trained, obedient, happy, relaxed and responsive by the end of our behavioural bootcamp training.

Because every dog is different, our behavioural bootcamp varies and is tailored differently for each dog.

Your dog will learn to trust and respect your judgement, and you’ll gain admiration for their potential and capabilities.

Puppy Behavioural Bootcamp Queensland
Behavioural Bootcamp Queensland 2

What's Involved in our Behavioural Bootcamp

Our Behavioural Bootcamp programs vary depending on what you’re trying to achieve and the dog’s personality.

Our main programs revolve around dogs that have no attitude yet, dogs with attitude, personal training like teaching dogs how to sit, stand, drop, recall, no-leash walking, loose leash walking, wait, leave it, etc.

No Attitude Yet is mainly suitable for puppies and some new adult dogs. Benefits of this training include but isn’t limited to, giving your puppy a great start in life, preventing chewing of furniture and other things around the house, random diggings in your backyard/frontyard, barking, leash pulling and separation anxiety. It also creates a stronger bond with your dog.

Dogs With Attitude entails behavioural modifications on some of the most common issues you may have with your dog on a daily basis, thus impacting your life and your dog’s well being. Benefits of this training include but isn’t limited to, being able to enjoy walks with your dog, being able to have your dog politely interact with visitors, taking the stress away from dog park visits, and creating a safer environment with your dog around kids.

Personal Training is a mix of obedience and behavioural programs. It varies based on dogs however some of the training can include toilet training, crate training, pulling on leash, not coming when called, jumping, sitting, standing, recalling, excessive barking, chasing wild life, cars, bikes and other moving objects, afraid of thunders and fireworks, misbehaving when alone, biting, playing rough with kids, phobias, vet aggression or anxiety and more.

Why Choose Us


We have over 28 years’ experience in the field, specialising in German Shepherd puppies and Miniature Schnazuer puppies.

Prioritise Health

We are dedicated to contributing & enhancing our dog lines by selectively breeding for temperament & health as a first priority


We not only offer beautiful & exceptionally tempered pups but also a lifetime of advice & support 24 hours 7 days a week

Our Ever Expanding Black Winter K9 Family

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